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Litigation Support

Valuation & Litigation Services, LLC prides itself on an unbiased, professional reputation within the court system. Adam T. Magill, MBA, CBA, CVA, MAFF has been qualified as an expert in ten (10) counties within Florida and testified numerous times in family law and civil cases.

Litigation Support Details

Litigation support encompasses every financial and accounting aspect of a case. From completing financial affidavits, mandatory disclosure, and production requests to full presentations for depositions and trial. VLS specializes in succinctly and accurately presenting useful and reliable data.

In addition, VLS offers consulting for trial including preparation of questions, overall strategies, and a comprehensive set of tools for research on the specific issues that arise in each case. Finally, sensitivity to time constraints, deadlines, budgets, and individual client needs sets apart the litigation support services of VLS from other firms.

To find out more about how we can tailor litigation support to your particular needs, please contact us to schedule an initial consultation

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