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Forensic Accounting

Valuation & Litigation Services, LLC has been on the forefront of forensic accounting with more than a decade of experience in this relatively new field. Forensic accounting encompasses and is an integral part of litigation support and business valuations for Court.

Forensic Details

Top-Down Analysis & Bottom-Up Analysis

Business Valuations & Litigation Support

Tracing for Potential Hidden Assets or Income

Income/Cash-Flow Analysis

VLS Forensic Team

Certified professionals with many years of financial fraud experience  

Adam T. Magill, MBA, CBA, CVA, MAFF  and Stacey J. Gambel, MBA, CPA, CFF have extensive training and experience in the investigative tools used to evaluate potentially hidden income and assets.  In addition, with an eye to critical thinking, VLS evaluates each situation for sanity checks in the identification of questionable transactions.

Forensic accounting encompasses cases in financial litigation, damages litigation, matrimonial litigation support, business valuation cases, bankruptcy/insolvency cases, and fraud risk management. Forensic services for such purposes as locating hidden assets and unreported income are difficult to render and may be limited by financial constraints.  Valuation & Litigation Services, LLC cannot and will not warrant the discovery of all assets or income as part of our analysis.  The degree and effort of such forensic services will be reviewed with you and your attorney.

Money Laundering

Our firm has experience with identifying money laundering in cash, precious metals, structuring, and more.

Employee Theft

Employee theft can include credit card abuse, overt spending of company funds, and stealing.


VLS is adequately equipped to take these cases especially in the instance of 501(c)(3) organizations. Common cases include HOAs.

Misuse of Funds

Funds being misused by a caregiver or representative is a scary reality. We can help clients understand what is happening and better equip their attorneys.

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