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Specializing in Business Valuations and Forensic Accounting

About Us


Welcome to Valuation & Litigation Services, LLC – your trusted partner for comprehensive business valuation, litigation support, forensic accounting, and collaborative divorce solutions in the Orlando-area. With decades of experience, our certified professionals, led by Adam T. Magill, MBA, CBA, CVA, MAFF, and Stacey J. Gambel, MBA, CPA, CFF, are dedicated to providing unbiased, expert guidance for both litigation and non-litigation matters. Our commitment to integrity, constant growth in expertise, and exceptional service has established us as leaders in our field, trusted by clients and courts alike.

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Valuation & Litigation Services, LLC prides itself on an unbiased, professional reputation within the court system. Adam T. Magill, MBA, CBA, CVA, MAFF has been qualified as an expert in ten (10) counties within Florida and testified numerous times in family law and civil cases.


Forensic accounting encompasses and is an integral part of litigation support and business valuations for Court. Valuation & Litigation Services, LLC has been on the forefront of forensic accounting with more than a decade of experience in this relatively new field


Looking for an alternative to Court or mediation for divorce?  Is there a better way?  Can we minimize destruction to the family, children, and finances in one of the most stressful events that can occur in someone’s life? Yes! Through collaborative law, or collaborative divorce, couples choose a better option for the family.

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Our Team.

Meet our exceptional team of experienced professionals, each possessing a unique blend of expertise, certifications, and passion for their work. Our dedicated personnel come together to provide unparalleled service in business valuations, litigation support, forensic accounting, and collaborative divorce solutions. Trust our team to deliver unbiased and reliable results, ensuring your peace of mind throughout every step of the process.

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